Tana Manor Gradient Color Classic Lolita Dress (MFF02)

Tana Manor Gradient Color Classic Lolita Dress (MFF02)

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Free Shipping To Worldwide (by airmail with tracking)

Shipping and handling time is about 4-5 months

Special Offer $99: The dress includes: the dress itself + all the roses on the dress + the pearl chain for the upper body.

You can pay extra for the sleevelets, back bowknot, pibo (the shawl), petticoat, crown, and necklace.


Dress length is measured from the shoulders. It requires a petticoat with a length of 65-75cm. You can purchase a longer petticoat in our shop. Please note that a measurement error of 1-3cm for the dress is normal.

If you add a petticoat to your order, we will send you one that matches this dress. However, please note that the actual wearing effect may not necessarily be the same as shown in the photo.

Model photos may have color variations! The weather, angles, exposure, preferred filters, and photography equipment differ for each model, resulting in differences in the captured colors. Models promote not only the dress but also themselves, so it's normal to retouch the face, adjust skin tone, and add filters. These efforts are part of creating a cohesive collection. The colors perceived by the naked eye are closer to our own captured images. Please visit our previous videos on instagram.

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