Vineyard Classic Lolita Dress JSK by Infanta (IN1008)

Vineyard Classic Lolita Dress JSK by Infanta (IN1008)

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Vineyard Classic Lolita Dress JSK by Infanta (IN1008)

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Shipping and handling time is about 1 month

Clothing Size (in cm)

Size Bust Waist Shoulder to Waist Dress Length
M 90 72 38 109
L 94 76 39 111
XL 98 80 40 113

The actual size may have 1-2cm different from the size provided.

The back shiring can be stretched max. 6cm.

Model Size: 1.6cm, weight 45kg, wearing size M for this dress.

The brooch can be hair clip.


Color: Purple




Color: Green

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Dress Color: Purple



Dress Color: Green



Matching Brooch - Color Purple

​Can be hair clip

not includes the headbow

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Matching Brooch - Color Red

Can be hair clip.

Does not includes the headbow.



Matching KC - Pink with tail



Matching KC - Pink Velvet




Matching KC - Purple (not includes the flower brooch)



Matching Hair Clips (1 Pair) - Color Green



Matching blouse - free size



Matching collar - color purple


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